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March 9, 2009
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Dresden Files Molly's Choices by guad Dresden Files Molly's Choices by guad
Finally I finished the Dresden Files Molly carpenter Window This picture is actually the reason I started making windows :D

Molly is being soulgazed by Harry in a cathedral. He sees her future Options as reflections in the cathedral windows.

Now I thought of painting the cathedral windows with reflections but that's hard. So I went lurking through gothic windows and so, and thought, why not make a window? Started with the Dark Molly pic but found it hard to make people.

And then I found that tutorial, and thought, let's try and make first easy stuff, like Asoiaf house sigils. And then it went on and on and I didn't continue the Molly pic.

Finally though I thought, I've had enough practice, let's try again. And here it is.

In detail explanations

Header: It's the christian symbol for the Carpenter (like Joseph). Catholizism is very significant in Molly's family so that's why it's there.

Five pointed star: Symbol for magic. Present in all of them.

1) Emaciated Molly. Pretty much self explanatory
2) Molly with family. Her magic fades, hence the star has no colour
3) Warden Molly, hence the swords
4) Present Molly. YES this is Chicagos skyline
5) Working Molly. I interpreted it as studying, hence the books and Bob as a spirit of intellect.
6) Dark Molly. The darkest thing you can become is a Fallen Angel, hence the coin in the upper corner. The carpenter sign is darker. And a gargoyle because it's pretty.

Text: The side text is the bookquote of the scene. IN EACH WINDOW you have the text incorporated at the bottom that describes what Harry sees.

I've used A LOT of image references and a stained glass tutorial.

A few details can be seen here [link]
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mizdresden Feb 28, 2014  New member
KafiraSky Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really cool, I've just finished re-reading Proven Guilty and really love the way you have depicted this scene!
Thank you :)
Brilliant! I am a serious Dresden fan and I think this is just amazing!
Thank you :)
very nice !
You brought something out of our own imaginations and showed us your vision of it !
This is all sorts of awesome.
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